Viewing Cherry Blossoms is one of the top things to do in Nagoya in the Spring. The blossoms only last about two weeks, and are very beautiful to see. All the parks and places with Cherry Trees can get extremely crowded with people having picnics and walking about, so while the below are the most popular places, you might want to find a less well known place if you don't like crowds. Usually there are street stalls and pop-up stands selling food and drink.

Many people will just walk through the areas with Cherry Trees, but if getting together with friends, most Japanese will set down a mat or a blue plastic sheet, and spend several hours drinking, eating and watching the cherry petals float down.

The current forecast is for the cherry trees in Nagoya to blossom from the last week of March and continue into the first week or two of April.

TSURUMAI PARK - Tsurumai Station

Probably the most popular place to see Cherry Blossoms in Nagoya - partly because it is almost right downtown in Nagoya, and also because over 1000 Cherry Trees. The park is lit up at night from 6pm to 9pm. On any weekend, you'll need to get there early to grab a spot!

A few minute walk from TSURUMAI Station

HEIWA PARK - Higashiyama Park Station

Heiwa Park has a huge concentration of Cherry Blossoms, and is one of the top spots in Nagoya for viewing. Many of the Cherry Trees are along pathways, so often people set up their picnic mats to the side, giving a walk around a festive feel.

A few minute walk HIGASHIYAMA-KOEN Station Exit 3

NAGOYA CASTLE - Shiyakusho Station

The area around Nagoya Castle has over 2000 Cherry Trees, and is well worth visiting. It is also a very nice park to walk about because the castle views. It is lit up until 8pm every evening. Entry fee is 500 yen, which keeps out the rif-raf.

A short walk from SHIYAKUSHO Station exit 7


The Higashiyama Botanical Gardens has a giant number of Cherry Trees inside its domains, as well as several varieties of cherry trees. The annual Spring Festival runs from Mar 19 through April. The park closes at 5pm

A short walk from Higashiyama Koen Station exit 3


YAMAZAKI RIVER - Mizuho Undojo-Nishi Station

Several hundred Cherry Trees line the Yamazaki River adding an aquatic element to the cherry blossom viewing..

A short walk from Mizuho Undojo-Nishi Station exit 2


In Kagamihara City in Gifu, 1000 cherry trees line both sides of the Shinsakai-gawa river that can be viewed from land or from a boat on the river!

A short walk from Meitetsu Shiminkoen Station

GOJO RIVER = Iwakura City

Over 1500 Cherry Trees lines both sides of the Gojo River and are lit up until 9pm nightly.

A short walk from Iwakura Station

OKAZAKI KOEN - Okazaki City

Near Okazaki Castle, Okazaki Koen has over 1500 cherry trees that are illuminated until 10pm.

A short walk from Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki Station


A delightful area of over 1000 of Cherry Trees, Togokusan Park is one of Nagoya's most famous Cherry Blossom viewing areas.

Near Togobashi Station