SAKAE NAGOYA HOTELS / 名古屋 栄 ホテル マップ

Sakae is the downtown and shopping area of Nagoya, so there are quite a few hotels in the area - both high-end and business hotels. Sakae is convenient to all subway lines and two stops away from Nagoya Station, where the bullet train arrives.

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SAKAE NAGOYA HOTELS - Click PDF MAP for Locations!

HOTELS IN SAKAE NAGOYA - 名古屋 栄駅 ホテル 地図

APA Hotel D-3 • Chisan Hotel H-5 • Creston Hotel D-10 • Dai-Ichi Hotel B-4 • Econo Hotel D-2 • Kishi Tetsudo C-2 • Landmark Hotel B-4 • Mystays Hotel G-7 • Garland Hotel A-7 • Green Hotel C-4 • International Hotel B-5 • Nagoya Plaza Inn B-2 • Best Western H-6 • Princess Garden B-8 • Tokyu Inn A-6 • Tokyu Hotel H-6 • Trusty Hotel D-3 • Washington A-3

Printable Hotel Map of Sakae Nagoya (PDF)!