Fushimi is conveniently located between from Nagoya station and Sakae Station, the two main shopping and nightlife areas for Nagoya, so it is a good place to get a hotel. Among the top hotels in the area are the Nagoya Hilton, The Nagoya Kanko Hotel, and Richmond Hotel.

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FUSHIMI NAGOYA - See MAP for Locations!

FUSHIMI NAGOYA HOTELS - 名古屋 伏見駅 ホテル マップ

1-2-3 Hotel C-1 • B’s Hotel A-3 • Crown Hotel A-4 • Dormy Inn D-3 • Hamilton Black B-4 • Hamilton Red C-4 • Hilton Hotel A-4 • Hotel androoms C-2 • Kanko Hotel B-3 • Mont Blanc C-4 • Nishi-Tetsu Hotel C-2 • Rich Hotel A-2 • Richmond Hotel A-4 • Roren Hotel A-2 • Silk Hotel D-3 • Trusty Hotel D-2 • Washington Plaza D-4 • Wing Hotel C-2 • Yuki Hotel B-2

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